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Classic Football Kits

Comprehensive catalogues of the most recognisable and historical kits worn by some of the worlds biggest football clubs.

Titles available

  • Manchester United Classic Kits

  • Liverpool Classic Kits

  • The Champions League Classic Kits

Stadium Guides

The ultimate guides to some of the world's most iconic football and baseball arenas.


Titles available

  • The Football Stadium Guide

  • The Baseball Stadium Guide

Magnificent Number 7s

A historical account of the most memorable goals, iconic games and footballing achievements, of the most iconic number 7s to play football.

Titles available

  • Manchester United Magnificent Number 7s

  • Liverpool Magnificent Number 7s

Formula One

Everything an F1 fan could ever want to know about the most iconic tracks, cars and teams in the world of racing.

Titles available

  • Formula One Icons


A comprehensive guide to the history of teams logo, from its first inception to the modern day insignia we see today. In-depth statistics, facts, trivia, most evolution of the badge and much more…

Titles available

  • Helmets & Crests of the NFL


Everything a football fan could ever want to know about the most iconic games in the world.


Titles available

  • Footballs Greatest Rivalries

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